The Arica School was founded in 1968 by Oscar Ichazo as a School of Wisdom and Knowledge. This type of school has been in existence since ancient times, from the Greek philosophical schools to the schools of the Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi traditions. As in all schools of knowledge, the Arica School offers a complete method of enlightenment. What makes the Arica School different from the ancient schools is that it provides a contemporary method of enlightenment, employing biology, psychology and physics in order to clarify the human process with modern knowledge, for the attainment of freedom and liberation.

The clarification process that the Arica School teaches, called the “Protoanalytical Theory™, System and Method,” was originated by Oscar Ichazo. Protoanalysis is the analysis of the complete human being, from the lowest aspects of the human process, progressing systematically to the Higher States of Mind in which enlightenment can be attained. The Arica School provides a clearly defined map of the human psyche in order that each of us can discover the basis of our ego process and transcend this process into the Higher States of Mind, which are found in and available to each of us. This ‘state of being’ is our True Essential Self, experienced as an internal state of great happiness, Light and liberation.


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